Welcome to the underground world of Extreme Catfighting. What you are about to see is real. This is not a sparring match. This is not an exhibition. This is Brutal hand to hand combat. The fights are not staged or choreographed. The Competitors are not trained fighters. Extreme Catfighting is about beautiful women with little or no fighting ability, willing to compete in the no holds barred World of Extreme Fighting. All of the fighters have little or no Martial Arts training. Extreme Catfighters, fight on Instinct and adrenaline. You can expect to see blood, hair pulling and a lot of attitude, when two Catfighters meet in the center of the ring. The fighters are allowed to wear two pieces of protective gear. The first piece of protective gear, is the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is the only piece of protective gear that the fighters are required to wear. The second piece of protective gear that the fighters are allowed to wear are the fighter’s gloves. The gloves are not a required piece of protective gear. Extreme Catfighting is a bare knuckle competition, and if the fighters wish to, they can fight bare fisted. The fighter’s uniforms consist of a wife beater style tank-top, without a bra, or any other type of under garment underneath the top. The fighters can cut and tie their shirts any way they want. The fighter’s shorts are spandex style swim trunks. The fighters can wear shoes, but if she does wear shoes, she is not allowed to kick her opponent.