Once a year, the best new or unknown extreme fighters get a chance to make a name for themselves at "The West Coast No Holds Barred Fighting Championship". These up and coming fighters get to compete against some of the best extreme fighters in the world. "The West Coast NHB Fighting Championship" is a true no holds barred fighting competition that is not sanctioned by any State Athletic Commission in the United States. This year the beautiful women of "Extreme Catfighting" competed in this underground event, and fought some of the most brutal female extreme fights ever caught on tape. This tape has 11 of the best extreme fights from  this year’s event, and guarantees brutal none stop extreme fighting action. Five of the fights are women, and six of the fights are men. The two main event fights, feature Ultimate  Fighting Championship legends, Tito Ortiz and John "The Machine" Lober. Even if you’re not a fan of no rules fighting, you don’t want to miss this one.

WARNING: The five female fights on this tape are the same fights from "Extreme Catfighting 2 Battle In The Octagon". If you have already seen "Extreme Catfighting 2", and you are looking for more Extreme Catfights, buy "Extreme Catfighting Volume 1". If you buy "The West Coast NHB Fighting Championship" looking for different  Extreme Catfights, you will not only be disappointed, you will be out $39.00 plus shipping. There will be no refunds if you disregard this warning.

"The West Coast No Holds Barred Fighting Championship Featuring The Women Of Extreme Catfighting", cost $39.00 plus shipping and handling in VHS format. Click HERE to order the video.

The Video will be Packaged Discreetly.