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Tito Ortiz

He stands 6 foot 2 inches tall, and weighs in at 199 Lbs. He is 24 years of age, and is currently 9 and 1 in no holds barred competition. Fighting out of LA Boxing in Huntington Beach California, this is Tito Ortiz!

See Tito fight Jeremy, in "The West Coast No Holds Barred Fighting Championship Featuring The Women Of Extreme Catfighting".  

Tito Ortiz is a two time state champion in wrestling, a UFC veteran, and he holds the IFC middle weight belt. Tito went to Goldenwest college in Southern California. He competed in the freestyle open wrestling Touranment and went 5-0. The first match ended in 58 seconds with a pin. The second match Tito won with a Tech fall 10-0. The third match Tito was winning 9-0 and pinned the guy in 1:36. And the final match Tito was winning 20-0 and he got a pin with 45 seconds left. To win the S.C. Grand Prix Freestyle Championship.

TRAINING TITO has been training hard in submissions with mixed martial arts competitor John Lober and in Muay Thai with John Spencer.

UFC HISTORY: At UFC 13 Tito was an alternate in the under 200 pound tournament. He quickly destroyed Wes Albritton with strikes on the ground and got into the main draw when Enson Inoue won his fight but could not continue on in the tournament due to an injury. In the finals Tito faced Lion’s Den fighter Guy Mezger. Within the first minute of the match Ortiz trapped Mezger in an inside cradle and began delivering knees to his head. John McCarthy ordered the fighters to separate and Tito thought that he had won. Many people including commentator Bruce Beck thought that Mezger tapped out. McCarthy ruled that Mezger had not tapped out and that he ordered the stand up to check cuts on Mezger’s head. The fight resumed and after a few blows, Tito shot in for a takedown and got caught in a guillotine choke by Mezger that ended the bout. Though he ended up with a loss, it was an impressive debut for Tito Ortiz.