Catfight Productions is always looking for new Catfighters. If your a beautiful woman, with little or no fighting ability, and want to become a Catfighter, write to us. At the bottom of this page is a button marked Catfighter Application. Press this button, and the Application will appear on your screen. Print this Application using your printer, then fill it out and send it to us along with a recent photo of yourself. Be sure that the photo gives us a good idea of how your body looks, along with your face. We will not be able to return the photos that you send us.

Here are some of the Perks of being a Catfighter. One - Great pay. Two - Fame and recognition. Three - Paid personal appearances as a Catfighter. Four - Promotional appearances as a Catfighter on National T.V. and Radio. Five - Possible endorsement deals with clothing and fitness companies. And last but not least, the right to use the name Catfighter for your own personal promotion.

The Catfighter selection process consist of an Interview. At the interview, you may be invited to participate in a Qualification Bout. After the Qualification Bout, you may be selected to participate in one of our Catfighting Tournaments. Once you are selected to become a Catfighter, all Training, Medical Insurance, Uniforms, Gear, Travel, Hotel accommodations and all reasonable expenses will be provided by Catfight Productions.